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Project guarantee
Project guarantee

When planning a home renovation, you should always get at least three estimates from different contractors.

Once you select a contractor, make sure he or she includes the estimate as part of your contract. This way, the contractor cannot charge you more than 10 per cent above the estimated cost – unless you have agreed to new work or a new price and have signed a change to your contract.

Before signing your contract, make sure that everything you’re expecting the contractor to do is listed. If it isn't set out in the contract in writing, you may not get it.

Make sure your contract includes:

the contractor’s name, address and contact information

thorough description of the project with details of the work to be done and the materials to be used

 the total cost and terms of payment

 a work schedule, including start and completion dates

a payment schedule, including the deposit price

 your cancellation rights.

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