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Welcome to the new web page of Dimiourgon Texnima

Passion, love for our object, and our teams’ knowledge, which consists of architects, engineers, appraisers and contractors, counts twenty two continuous years of appearance in the field of renovations and reconstructions.

We wanted to update our web page for functional reasons. Besides, fifteen years after, more demands were born for a more professional presentation of our projects. At the same time we have the full opportunity for presenting widely volume information through articles relevant with renovations and decorations.

Today we are proud because we succeeded to consolidate Dimiourgon Texnima as the fuller and the most reliable enterprise in the field of private constructions in our country.

Nowadays, our new web page has become a trustworthy and innovative informative website. Its topics focus on constructions which we have completed, in Architecture, Technology, Greek and European legislation, Material and Techniques, while it is always framed by a selected and valid updating for new practices and new products of the sectors of the construction industry in our country.

I personally, as well as the management of Dimiourgon Texnima, thank all our clients – and our partners – as without all of you, we would not have these current impressive results.

We promise that in the future we will become better and we will continue to offer even more qualitative services.

                                                                                                                  Yours sincerely,

                                                                                                          Melina Xenou and Partners.