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Interior design buildings » The color psichology


The color psichology
The color psichology

Color is used to depict moods and feelings. Color similarly can enhance the décor of your house if you select the right theme and the right furniture to complement it. Most people have a color they are drawn to, that reminds them of a vacation or gets them nostalgic. Color can make a small area look larger and also a spacious one look intimate. If you want the room to be cozy, then use warm earth tones on the walls. If you want a narrow space to look wider then paint the opposite walls in different colors or different tones of the same color.

The colors you select will be the primary theme for the rest of the home décor. You can then select the furniture, accessories & furnishings to go with it. Don’t be afraid to try bold colors in furnishings like neon, summery yellow, bright pink or red. Contrary to what most people say, if done right you can convince them on this bold color scheme. The house gets a modern and contemporary look.

Acclaimed interior designers feel – “The power of color is that it will utterly alter your expertise,” Many paint corporations provide on-line tools, an exhaustive color palette and a wide variety of textures, patterns, etc that you can experiment with. They help you better visualize your home. So look at multiple options before you decide on a theme. Wallpapers are also a good alternative to paint if you are the type who redecorates often.

So do not be afraid to experiment and use color, for colors make your home more expressive.


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