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Dimiourgon Texnima consists of architecture, a civil engineer, a mechanical of construction works, a mechanical engineer, and a static mechanic, all of who are experienced in designing, elaborating and observing technical projects.

Moreover, our team is enforced by permanent external partners in almost the entire territory, and is in a position to elaborate any kind of study that is demanded and required for your technical project.

Indicative, the following studies are developed:

Architectural design of buildings (private residences, housings, multistory buildings, hotels, office buildings.)

Studies of measurements and costings.

Static studies – operations for the reinforcement of buildings .

Electrical and mechanical studies of buildings projects –hotels, factories etc.

Feasibility studies of investments that were subsidized by support.


Energy updates of buildings

Our company believes that the new Regulation of the Energy Performance of Buildings (Κ.ΕΝ.Α.Κ.) as well as the Regulation of Protecting the Environment, add quality of life with absolute economic criteria.

In the technical section “Energy update” the company undertakes all these procedures of studying and implementation of the major interventions – demands, which result from the energy study based on arrangement for the new buildings or the energy review for the already existing.

The update interventions are mainly about:

The insulation of building shells (chamber, flats, and external walls.)

The establishment of a system for combustion gas.

The establishment of heating and cooling systems, as well as systems of hot water production with the use of renewable energy sources, such as geothermal, aerothermal, solar thermal (technology of photovoltaic systems and solar water heaters.)

The setting of shading systems.

The replacement of exterior doors and windows.


The Energy Certificate is now required for any transaction or to rent a building, ( bigger that 50 square meters.) our enterprise has well trained mechanics, who are certified Energy Inspectors from the Ministry of Environment Energy and Climate Change (Υ.Π.Ε.Κ.Α.) and within two days from the visit to your property (in Attica), they edit the Energy Certificate.

The cost for the edition of the Energy Certificate, taking always into consideration the economic difficulties of today, is reduced, since important discounts are applied on the minimum legal rewards of the Technical Chamber of Greece (Τ.Ε.Ε.)

Management of technical projects

Our company has supervisor foremen and undertakes the supervision of any building technical project. Our target is the qualitative application of anything that a technical project requires whether it’s big or small.

In particular the operation deals with:

The designing and the setting up of the program, for the organization of the projects’ stages.

The costing and the projects’ economic observation.

The support in choosing materials and workshops.

The maintenance of the calendars, the completion of the Institutions’ of Social Insurance (I.K.A.) forms etc.

The measurements and the receipts from the individual stages of the project.

The production of bills to the owner.

Many individuals and even throughout Greece trusted us with the full supervision and observation of the constructions or reconstructions to which they have proceeded without assigning it to a construction operation. There are too many reasons to be reflected in this report; the main idea though is only one, qualitative construction without any misfire on the finance budget.

Building Reconstructions

The rebuilding – restoration of buildings is definitely on its own a special project category.  Every kind of construction detail connects the past with the present but it also defines the future of the building. The construction details together with the general picture show the history of each building, mark the era but also their creator. We believe that besides the respect, they also require big and deep knowledge as well as a lot of experience before every small or big technical intervention to upgrade.

In particular the operation undertakes:

Checking and study of static sufficiency of the structural elements.

Elaborating study for the primary restoration of the structural elements.

Enforcement of the existing masonry and the structural elements.

Grouting, resin injections, carbon.

Sandblast, aquablast, connection of gunite tile.

Application of other technical interventions.


The architectural tradition is the mainstay based on which the interventions are carried out. These are, primarily, clarified after a full study of the application and the materials which are about to be selected. The aid from the existing organization of these buildings as well as the selection and the use of the most modern materials, such as carbon, armour deactivators, special structural materials, are chosen with main focus on the oversubscription of the demands for primary anti seismic armour.

Buildings renovations

The enterprise undertakes primarily partial or general renovations with full solutions of designing and also of application. After 22 years of experience, in ally with the most modern computer media, we have the opportunity for quick and trustworthy solutions.

In particular the operation undertakes:

Renovations of homes, detached houses, apartments, cottages.

Renovations of professional spaces, offices, stores.

Renovations of hosting spaces, hotels, pension.

Indoor architectural proposals.

Architectural garden formation.

Decoration, proposals, implementation.


Projects of renovating home – building, have to be carried out strictly with priority. And the study of renovation or restoration has to proceed before every project.

Technicians, who will support any restoration project, play an important role in conducting the technical projects of renovation and restoration.  When the entire above are combined within the desired cost, then it is certain that we will have a qualitative update of the place in which we live or work.