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Welcome to our new web page

The enterprise Dimiourgon Texnima, was brought to this current completed form the September of the year 2000 from a team of partners with specialization in engineering projects in reconstructing buildings. The architecture team already had a lot of experience in studying and observing renovations and reconstructions of building projects, an experience which was acquired through previous projects that were carried out. We refer to projects which were accomplished not only in Attica, but in almost the entire Greek territory.

Essentially, the team of Dimiourgon Texnima is the organizational architectural expression of years of presentation in the field of design, of studies and of implementation, all of which concern renovations and reconstructions of homes, professional places and buildings of stone which have a special identity as a construction.

The creation of our enterprise started in Nea Ionia of Attica, on March in the year 1990, under the form of serving technical need for home and shops, not only in a repairing lever but also in a partially reconstructive level.

In the year of 1996, the first enterprise was created under the name of “YOUR TECHNICIAN”, covering technical damages in Attica and at the same time the section of renovating homes and in general private places is established. Primarily they were very old apartments or houses that showed some corruption or even abandoned because they were very old and of course they needed a special technical reconstruction.

On April of 1997, the section of renovating professional places was implemented and the enterprise of Dimiourgon Texnima takes over one of the biggest projects of that time, which was the construction of a known brand of clothes and chain stores of hairdresser's in the entire Greek territory. At the same time with the implementation of these, the section of repairing preserved buildings.

In the year of 2007, the section of internal architectural decoration was inaugurated in the enterprise, supervised by Mrs. Melina Xenou. The enterprise now takes over the renovation of luxurious residences, large as well as small apartments in almost the entire territory and at the same time delivers the first completed, private, technical projects to clients from abroad. The acceptance of our projects, from the growing number of our clients, in the section of internal decoration and reconstruction of buildings is of a great interest to the tourism sector as well. Our first reconstructions were carried out at the Cyclades.

In the year of 2008, the section of new constructions of bioclimatic architecture was established and at the same time the section of reconstructions of the company was enforced by two very experienced static mechanics. Thereby we are in the position to support the enforcement, restoration – construction of buildings of various organizations, which have suffered damages from earthquakes and we undertake complex reconstructions, that mainly concern neoclassical and other old buildings.

On November of 2010, Dimiourgon Texnima organized and improved the section of economically flexible renovations, giving solution to the current challenge, which we all go through these days, with the section renovating home

On January of 2011, Dimiourgon Texnima completed the creation of the first energetically independent building. Since then we go on with vision and faith for modern constructions, with respect to the environment.

Warm regards and appreciation to all of you that visited our web page

                  Dimiourgon Texnima.

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