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Profile Architecture Team
Profile Architecture Team Profile Architecture Team Profile Architecture Team Profile Architecture Team
Profile Architecture Team

The D M  It consists of architects and engineers, and has a well organized network which includes among others mechanical engineers, specialist engineers

The D M + Associates is a firm that provides comprehensive services in planning, engineering, project management and construction. Experienced associates offer extensive services in building and infrastructure design, energy, transportation, and government consulting services all driven by sustainability principles. 

We are dedicated in the improvement of the quality of life for communities and people around the globe. Shaping a sustainable future through our solutions is our firm’s greatest challenge. 

The firm is able to undertake design projects and provide a full Design and Build contract. Documentation and construction are treated as an integral whole, always balanced against the parameters of cost and time.

The architectural designs of the office follow a methodical environmental approach aiming to achieve the optimal solutions of volumetric, morphological and functional organization for each project. Further investigation of applying techniques such as passive heating, natural ventilation, shading, and maximizing day-lighting, are incorporated. The possibility of using energy efficient systems, alternative energy sources and ecological and recyclable materials for the construction of the project is also examined.


The contemporary developments in environmental and climatic shifts are dramatic, and necessitate a holistic manner in the way architecture is conducted. A radical reduction of the buildings’ energy demands is required for minimizing the impact on the environment. In order to continuously improve the level of services, while taking into account the contemporary environmental challenges, D M + A office is aiming towards an architectural design of zero emission buildings.


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