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2013. Employees and the management of Dimiourgon Texnima, participated in the food gathering at the social grocery of Nea Ionias’ commune.

2011. Dimiourgon Texnima completed the construction of the first private, energy autonomous stone building at mountainous Arcadia. We go on with vision and faith for modern construction with respect to the environment.

2010. The 12th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice is one of our favorites. We try every year, if we have the time and we are free of obligations, to visit it. It was held in the 29th of August and it lasted until the 21st of November.

2010. Dimiourgon Texnima visited in September the Cuenca campus in Spain. Our purpose was to see and be informed from close about the first building on the world with “Radiaglass” technology. The building is on Rodolfo Llopis Street and it will roof classrooms of multiple uses for the Cuenca campus. It is located in Castilla – La Mancha.

2010. Dimiourgon Texnima visited Hague in October and in particular the Duivenvoorde institution to celebrate their 50 years. We distinguished the only, in our opinion, piece of history, which is that of Randstad and we were able to admire most of the creations. As a reference we mention that the interior of the ballroom is dating from 1717, it has the unique Louis XIV style and it is attributed to the French architect Daniel Marot.

2008. Dimiourgon Texnima taking part in the market and the new technology developments gave her presence at the 3rd Manufacturers Congress, which was held at the Grecotel hotel in Kyllini, from 7/11/08 to 9/11/08.

2008. Dimiourgon Texnima announces the decoration sections’ visit at the International Furniture Exhibition in Milan in April, with aim to be informed about the new trends in the area of interior furnishings.

2008. Dimiourgon Texnima founds the section of new constructions of bioclimatic architecture.

2007. Dimiourgon Texnima visited Italy for information. We visited the University of Architecture in Siena, a variety of museums and we were informed, during our visit to merchant exhibitions, for new building and decoration materials. We had the opportunity to visit our old partner (friend and costumer) Giuseppe Andreotti and show to our new partners one of the first projects of renovation – reconstruction in Italy.

2007. Dimiourgon Texnima inaugurates the section of interior architectural decoration, which was supervised by Melina Xenou. The company undertakes now renovations of luxurious residences.

2006. Dimiourgon Texnima completed the study of the presentation in the category “decoration, Art and Light”, where it was published in the local press of Verona in Italy.

2005. Dimiourgon Texnima entered into agreements with a known company of inorganic building materials.

2004. Dimiourgon Texnima takes part in the court of artists – cultural society Via Della Farmesina Roma (Ponte Milvio.)

2002. Dimiourgon Texnima proceeded in the official cooperation for the service of restoring buildings from fires with one of the biggest companies of insurance coverage in Greece.

2001. Dimiourgon Texnima announces her participation in the Art & Design seminars in Architecture di Venezia.

2000. Dimiourgon Texnima announces today 01/03/2000 her cooperation with the company “Mechanic Advisors.”

1999. Dimiourgon Texnima founds the section of repair and restoration for listed buildings.

1998. Dimiourgon Texnima undertakes the project of constructing 22 stores – hairdressers’ stores on account for a known cosmetics company in the entire Greek territory.

1997. Dimiourgon Texnima undertakes a project for the construction of a known chain of Italian clothing and swimsuits.

1996. The operation of renovation Dimiourgon Texnima inaugurates the creation of the technical services section, which concern damages for the wide public with the distinctive title “Your Technician.”

1990. March. Our operation is established in Palaion Patron Germanou 1 street in Nea Ionia of Attica with its object the renovations.

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Since 1997 the company Dimiourgon Texnima has put up projects of hers at the special press.