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Heat Pumps what is it?
Heat Pumps what is it?

Heat Pumps – How do they Work?

Basically, heat pump pumps heat.   During the winter a heat pumps extract heat from the outdoor air and pumps it directly into your home.  Heat pumps are designed to find heat (even in the cold winter) and extract it.   Then pump it into your home.

Heat pumps are also for cooling.   In the summer,  heat pumps simply operate in reverse, extracting heat from your indoor air and pumping it outside.

Why select a Heat Pump?

Well, Heat Pumps are extremely energy efficient. Furnaces take in fuel and turn it into heat – heat pumps do not actually generate any heat on their own.   They do not use nearly as much energy as other types of home heating systems do.  Consequently, you as the consumer get significant annual savings.

Heat Pumps provide a much more uniform heating and cooling experience than some other types of heating systems.   Heat pumps can be  quite affordable to install and maintain.  A furnace maintains a certain indoor temperature by producing very hot air periodically, a heat pump provides a steady stream of warmer air all day long.

Our comapny will be there with you while you evaluate your options and make a decision.  We provide full heat pump installation and repair services in Grecce.  Call us today to learn more about the qulaity products and services we offer


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