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 Times are tough and what is mainly needed is composure and responsibility from every citizen. Before 2013, I gathered the team of Dimiourgon Texnima in order to research about the current prices of the market place in materials and supplies. The prices of the basic materials were rapidly increased since last year and the worst is that everything indicates that the acquisition of a roof is becoming now a distant dream! The iron of the building is being compared to prices that regard precious metals. Fuels and insurances are already being call “gold.”

We came to the conclusion of promoting more composite structures or reconstruction, (which is a solution that has nothing to be jealous of conventional constructions) in order to keep on producing work and not be forced to fire employees or cancel agreements with branded companies of our section.

Regardless of todays’ economic difficulties, reconstructions keep on happening because they pay more that constructing a building.

All of a sudden too many people appeared in the renovating area and as a consequence market place is filled with new companies or offices. Under these circumstances, two kinds of businessman were created, each with an entire different way of thinking. There are those that believe they have to reduce the prices of their services in order to endure few months more, even if what they promise abstain a lot from what they finally offer. And those who see this economic situation as the best moment to establish their presence with health, in order to endure more and continue.